Nick Wren Pam Operator & MMO CV

September 20, 2015
Mobile: +27842552757

Key offshore skills, courses attended and other relevant qualifications:

  • Experienced JNCC certified PAM operator & Marine Mammal Observer (MMO).
  • Experienced with installation and use of MSEIS, Seiche and Vanishing Point PAM systems.
  • Zero hours technical downtime during work as the Lead PAM Operator in 17 surveys.
  • Certification in ‘Marine mammal observation during seismic survey operations.’
  • Member of the professional body Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA).
  • MSc in Marine Resource Development & Protection.
  • Marine vessel safety survey training and certificate.
  • Offshore sea survival certificate and seaman’s book.
  • HUET training & certification.
  • OGUK/ENG1 medical and all inoculations up to date.
  • VHF radio operator’s certificate (RYA).
  • HSE Part IV commercial diver.
  • Introduction to fisheries management certificate.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel & Access certificates.
  • Advanced driver training and certification.

Date of Birth: 31 May 1971.
Nationality: British (Currently residing in South Africa with permanent residency status).

Academic record:
MSc: Marine Resource Development & Protection. 1994-1995. The Institute of Offshore Engineering, (Heriot-Watt University) / Orkney, UK.
BSc (Hons): Chemistry 1989-1992. The Victoria University of Manchester. UK.

Employment record:
PAM Operator, MMO & fisheries observer. Feb 2009-Present.
I have 20 years of experience working in the marine offshore environment in a number of technical and academic roles. I have worked as a fisheries scientist onboard government research vessels, carried out biological sampling onboard a large variety of fishing vessels, carried out shore-based support as a senior technician for a prominent marine software company and have been working as a PAM operator / Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) PAM operator almost exclusively for the last 7 years.

In 2015 I spent 4 Months on the NZ longliner San Aspiring working as a fisheries observer in the CCAMLR region while the vessel targeted Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish. Duties included monitoring fishing operations, biological sampling, toothfish and skate tagging, the collection of addition data- ovary samples for recruitment studies, skate wing samples etc. collecting photographs of predating sperm and orca whales for ID purposes while estimating depredation and assisting in the 2015 whale tagging project.

As a PAM operator (Passive acoustic monitoring) and MMO (Marine Mammal Observer) during marine seismic surveys, I have recently been involved in various surveys in Southern Africa. The role of PAM Operator and MMO work involves monitoring seismic shooting activities, minimizing interactions and potential harm to marine mammals, consulting with environmental parties & clients and advising the onboard seismic teams on mitigation methods and regulatory compliance.

As PAM Operator, I set up hydrophone cable arrays and PC-based listening software and monitor for bio- acoustics during the survey. In addition to setting up and maintaining the PAM equipment, I have had additional roles such as setting up external cameras for monitoring, maintaining satellite feeds, and liaising with remote operators and instrument technicians.

In the last 7 years, I have worked on a range of WesternGeco, PGS, Polarcus, Spectrum, Dolphin, Seabird and COSL 3D and 2D survey vessels as Lead PAM Operator and/or MMO. I can proudly say that within this extensive period I have zero hours of technical downtime with the PAM deployments I install, operate and monitor.

I have used most of the PAM equipment currently deployed on seismic vessels around the world- Seiche, MSEIS and Vanishing Point setups, Pamguard, long /short towed arrays and multiple hydrophone deployments. I have installed the entire systems prior to survey commencement and trained others in the use of currently deployed PAM equipment.

I have also carried out extensive work as a Fisheries Observer- involving deployments globally- monitoring transhipments of tuna and tuna-like species taking place in international waters, recording any illegal and unregulated fishing activities and promoting safe work practices.

General Manager, Downhill Adventures, Cape Town, South Africa. 2006-Feb 2009.
Taking a break from working offshore while my son was young, I spent a few years as General Manager of a well-established outdoor adventure company in Cape Town. The role involved management of staff & guides, operations, liaison with operators, suppliers, and agents, marketing, website development, financial records, and administration, developing new areas of business such as local corporate team building & overseas incentive groups. In addition, due to my training and experience in first aid, firefighting, incident control and disaster management, I coordinated all events involving large groups & corporate events as well as teaching the range of activities offered.

Senior technical officer, Ocean & Land Resource Assessment Consultants, Cape Town, South Africa. 2003-2006
Biological fieldwork and fisheries survey analysis. South African government research vessel cruises (MV Africana) – assessing survey logistics, staffing, technology and operational methodology.  Fishing gear testing and development.  Fisheries software testing.  IT and technical support.  Management and presentation of publications and documents. Data analysis & presentation. Events management. Graphic design & website maintenance. Literary research
30-60 sea days per year.

Secretary North Sea Fishermen’s Organization (NSFPO). 2002-2003.
I was involved in the running and management of approximately 40 large fishing vessels. The position involved the management of PO issues and quota, amounting to 70% of the UK North Sea flatfish and prawn quota;  informing PO  members  of  current  EU legislation  relating  to  the fishing  industry;  liaison between  industry,  government  officials  and  scientific  bodies;  report  writing;  lobbying  of  ministers  and officials; correspondence in national publications; database management; and general vessel management and ships husbandry.

Sea-going marine scientist. Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS UK Marine Laboratory.) 1999-2002.
Monitoring of retained and discarded catch by UK registered commercial fishing vessels. These included prawn (Nephrops norvigius) fisheries, demersal trawling and beam trawlers, industrial sand-eel fishing vessels, Spanish hake long liners, inshore sole and other fisheries. Biological sampling (including taking otoliths & otolith reading, analysis of stomach contents), species identification, fishing & marine technology, legislation, promotion of safe practices at sea, vessel safety assessment, data analysis & presentation. In charge of otolith reading and organisation for the discards department.
Member of the government incident control team and fire warden.
Approximately 180 days a year at sea.

Fisheries observer, MRAG / Exploration Logistics. (3 Tours each around 100 days) Fisheries Observer in the NAFO regulatory area monitoring catch onboard EU registered demersal fishing vessels operating in the prawn, halibut and redfish fisheries of the NAFO area near the Grand Banks offshore Newfoundland. The role involved catch monitoring, reporting, compliance and biological sampling.

Fisheries scientist/observer, Ocean & Land Resource Assessment Consultants Cape Town, South Africa. 1995-1996
Contract work on behalf of  OLRAC (Ocean and Land Resource Assessment  Consultants) during the government pelagic surveys of  South  Africa,  Namibia and  Angola.  Survey methodology, acoustic monitoring, reporting back to the various interested industry parties, and fisheries liaison with the various fishing vessels used as scout ships. Main surveys spent onboard research vessel `Welwitschia` and purse- seine scout fishing vessels during government pelagic fishery surveys.


April-June 2017 Gabon 3D Seismic HYSY721 (Chinese) / Spectrum/Verif-i Lead PAM Operator / 2nd MMO
Feb-March 2017 Gabon 3D Seismic HYSY721 (Chinese) / Spectrum/Verif-i Lead PAM Operator / 2nd MMO
Aug-Nov 2016 Pacific Ocean, Taiwan to Marshall Islands Tuna transhipment Capmarine / MRAG UK / Toei (Japan) IATTC Fisheries scientific observer
June-July 2016 Singapore-Cape Town Tuna transhipment Capmarine / MRAG UK / Toei (Japan) IOTC Fisheries scientific observer
May-June 2016 Thailand-Australia Tuna transhipment Capmarine / MRAG UK / Toei (Japan) IOTC Fisheries scientific observer
Feb –Apr 2016 Angola 3D Seismic PGS Ramform Sterling / ENI / Capmarine Lead PAM Operator
Dec 2015 – Feb 2016 South Africa 2D Seismic PGS Atlantic Explorer / Multi-client /Capmarine Lead PAM Operator / 2nd MMO
Aug-Sep 2015 Senegal 3D Seismic Polarcus Amani / EPI / Capricorn Senegal Ltd. Lead PAM Operator
March-July 2015 South Georgia, Antarctic CCAMLR region Commercial Fishing FV San Aspiring / MRAG / Sanford LTD Fisheries scientific observer
Nov-Dec 2014 Tanzania 3D/4D Seismic PGS Ramform Titan / BG PAM Operator / MMO
Oct 2014 Namibia 3D Seismic Polarcus Amani / SHELL Lead PAM Operator
April-May 2014 Madagascar 3D Seismic PGS Ramform Sterling Lead PAM Operator (with trainee)
Feb-March 2014 Madagascar 3D Seismic PGS Ramform Sterling Lead PAM Operator (with trainee)
Nov-Jan 2013/4 Ivory Coast 3D Seismic PGS Ramform Challenger PAM Operator / MMO (2 rotations)
Sep-Oct 2013 Mozambique / Madagascar 3D Seismic PGS Ramform Sterling PAM Operator
Jun-July 2013 Namibia 2D Seismic Seabird Exploration Osprey Explorer Lead MMO
May 2013 Namibia 2D Seismic PGS Sanco Spirit Pam Operator
Mar-Apr 2013 South Africa 2D Seismic Seabird Exploration Northern Explorer PAM Operator
Feb-Mar 2013 South Africa 3D Seismic PGS Ramform Valiant PAM Operator
Dec-Jan 2012/3 South Africa 3D Seismic PGS Ramform Valiant PAM Operator
Sep 2012 Namibia 2D Seismic Seabird Exploration Northern Explorer PAM Operator / Lead MMO
May-Jul 2012 Uruguay / South Africa Tuna Transhipment MV Young Duck (Chinese Reefer) Fisheries Observer
Feb-Mar 2012 South Africa 3D Seismic PGS Sanco Spirit Lead MMO
Nov-Jan 2012 Indian Ocean Tuna Transhipment Taisei Maru 15 Fisheries Observer
Jul-Aug 2011 Atlantic Ocean Tuna Transhipment Taisei Maru 24 Fisheries Observer
Mar-May 2011 South Africa 3D Seismic Western Geco Tasman Lead MMO